Why is it so? 30 Day Blog Challenge helps show the way

Hi all …

Have you missed me?

I know I have been naughty and not blogged for awhile as per usual had my little spurt of blogging when I began this blog and now it sits idle.


Firstly because I get distracted by other shiny things and get caught up with those .. then a few days go by .. then I start to think .. oh no I haven’t blogged… then … then… I put the guilts on myself and feel I have to explain …WHY? … so I crawl back under my rock or go in search of something else shiny to distract me.

Also the weather has been terrible lately it is the middle of winter and the sun has not been seen for days .. I miss my sun … I have a BIG case of the Winter blues …

here is a picture of what I went through just to get the rainbow farm kids to school this morning.

070813 wet day

I am trying to get my happy sunny mojo back and ….

When I saw a shiny new email in my inbox from Natalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur I thought great todays distraction I was happy to spend time reading and then the content spoke to me.

The suitcase entrepreneur is having a 30 Day blog challenge and it’s FREE .. we are going to learn some great tools and tricks on how to keep the blogging mojo up and to run a successful business through Blogging as well as be guided to blog everyday.

I jumped at this what great timing I crawled out from under my rock and said … YES !!

YES !!!


Well the truth be known I don’t want to be this way where I have a scattered mind and can’t keep a routine in any part of my life let alone blogging.

I also LOVE sharing and bringing the healing power of nature into your world through my unedited nature and pet photography.

Rainbow Farm Photography

I LOVE to help bring stress relief and joy to the world with beautiful sunrises and rainbows.



I am passionate about making forever memories of your pet family to keep long after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.


I am also passionate in helping you find your pet family through donating my time to the local animal rescues to give the animals a better voice with photos that show their true character and style.

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

My problem is getting into the routine of Blogging I have spurts where I go so well then fall on my face … I have so many ideas but sometimes it is hard to get them out or more to the point down on the page with having to find the images and the words and the links back and .. and .. and.

I like to think that I am a good person that I try to help others and live a true life but I totally frustrate myself sometimes with my lack of organisation ability ..lol… I like to put it down to be so creative .. you know the old saying that creative people tend to be messy and unorganised… but I seriously don’t think it to be true and I hate to think that I am showing my children to be the same way.

So onwards and upwards I start this challenge and with the help of ALL those that begin the challenge with me I will strive … no … I WILL …. succeed in this challenge and along the way learn how to be more productive and organised in my personal and work life.

FBQS thomas edison

Would you like to join me on this journey??

Click on the icon below or in the side bar to the right and it will take you through to the blogging challenge page sign up there is also a competition with a great prize to be one.

30 day challenge

Look out tomorrow for the next blog post … it’s going to be there … I promise 😉



About Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.
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2 Responses to Why is it so? 30 Day Blog Challenge helps show the way

  1. Oh yes you will indeed totally ace this challenge and along with it gain more focus and clarity and commitment to turning up and posting here on your blog and sharing your ray of light and rainbows. More rainbows please!

    • Lol… oh how I wish for a rainbow today in this horrible weather the good thing about being a nature photographer have one on tap anytime I want .. just click on the rainbow in the blog post and you will find many … I look forward to being on this blogging journey with you Natalie 🙂

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