No More Procrastinating … the time has come

Arrghhhh …..

Sorry for that outburst but I am frustrated and annoyed at myself and the ugly procrastination bug has hit.

Or is it really the FEAR bug ??

Conquering what I Fear

Conquering what I Fear

Rainbow Farm Photography I have made the choice … MY choice .. to run as a business as MY business as MY income.

This is going to feed MY children and allow MYself to live the passion and share it with the world while giving MY family the quality of life they deserve.

I want it to be BIG well big enough to be able to live comfortably and be able to do the charity work I want to do helping those less fortunate than myself.

I started the 30 Day blog challenge with Natalie Sisson and as you may have already noticed I crashed and burned.

30 day challenge

I got to a really great post for day Four and it got all too hard adding photos and links and I ran out of internet so I started procrastinating and finding other things like that wicked evil TV to distract me.

I also let the subject matter and the pressure of getting a post a day done scare me … that FEAR reared it’s ugly head … my self doubts won the debate in my head and I gave up.

While using Facebook as a distraction I was scrolling through and saw a posting from Leonie Dawson it was on an old blog post she did that reminded me about where my priorities should be and how there are so many in the world that are worse off and still dealing with it day to day .. Leonie herself is dealing with sickness at the moment but still takes time out to share some wonderful and inspiring knowledge with us ….

So …

I am going to get back to the beginning go back through my business self help materials that the lovely Leonie Dawson has provided me and you can have them too if you wish …

I am also now going to try again to get back on track with blogging … I will still do 30 Blog posts it may not be in 30 Days and it may not be on the subjects posted by the 30 Day Blog challenge but they will happen.

Also I am swallowing my fear and stomping on those self doubts and pushing forward.

I will become a confident ….

NO… NO….

I AM a confident, successful and soulful pet and nature photography specialist that gives beauty and wonderful healing and inspiring memories to the world at a reasonable price that feeds your soul and mine.

FBQS thomas edison

I am commencing this journey by knuckling down and getting some wonderful ebooks on the way some will be for free and some will be for a small amount of money that will help to nourish both myself and the person that enjoys the gift of healing and inspiring nature photography.

I will be following this blog post with more details and a little special introduction to my world of ebooks.

Make sure you are a subscriber to this Blog and follow the Rainbow Farm Photography facebook page to keep up to date with all the new and glorious opportunity that will be given for you to enjoy the healing and inspiring power of nature in your own world.


About Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.
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3 Responses to No More Procrastinating … the time has come

  1. Whoohoo! Welcome back to the productive side of the fence. That procrastinatory side is such a downer!

  2. Rachel Davis says:

    Good for you! You have to decide what is right for YOU!!! Go Coralie!!

    • Thank you Rachel … making the choice is the start .. Doing is the action … heres to getting on with it … and great to have a wonderful comment from you to spur me on 🙂

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