If You Keep Showing Up Something Wonderful WILL Happen

I woke this morning all warm and toasty in my bed listening to the rain on the tin roof.

I looked at the time and as usual my internal alarm had woken me half an hour early.

I took a peak out the window from the comfort of my warm bed and the skies looked grey and gloomy.

gloomy saturday morning

My first thoughts were to snuggle back down into that warm and toasty bed and have a sleep in.

It is the weekend after all …. why shouldn’t I ??

Why ??

Because if you don’t keep showing up.

You may .. just may …

Miss something wonderful.

So up I got the the joy of my Billy boy who LOVES to go for his morning walk at sunrise.

210713 billy

He doesn’t care if it’s grey and raining or warm and sunny.

He just Loves to run around and be out there in the fresh air of nature with his mum.

I got myself ready to go for a walk (I no longer go out in my dressing gown and pjs)

I really didn’t like my chances of a sunrise but knowing that if I didn’t go …

One … my beautiful dog would be dissapointed

Two … I wouldn’t get my own morning exercise and fresh air

and …

Three .. I may just miss something WONDERFUL


Who knows it could be a spectacular sunrise or a bird or flower I haven’t seen before .

Something wonderful WILL happen if I keep showing up.

and …

it DID

SRS25662 170813 sunrise

There was a spectacular sunrise .. who would of thought amongst all that rain and grey clouds the sun could still shine through and give such an amazing display.

It is warming to the heart and soul.

SRS25664 170813 sunrise

It has been a very wet month and winter has been dragging on the mind it is great to have these pockets of beautiful sunshine to energise and reboot the senses.

To feel the healing glow of the sun pushing through a dark and gloomy morning it gives hope to the day that we too can get through anything that comes our way.

SRS25666 170813 sunrise

It was also a great thing that I went for that morning sunrise expedition because I came back to a notification that it was someones birthday today and I love to give a little special Facebook Birthday Sunrise I was so glad that I had such a great one to give.

BD 170813 Kym

And I am sure somewhere in the world a baby is being born or there is wedding day (fingers crossed they got a spot of sunshine through this rain if it was here) or maybe even an engagement … and they can celebrate this special occasion with a beautiful sunrise that showed up just for them.

To see the rest of the gorgeous sunrises from today go to the August 2013 Sunrise Album on my Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook page and make sure you like my page to see a sunrise everyday (weather permitting).

All the sunrises are available for purchase in many different formats here are just a few …

Wedding Trio

Wedding Trio


Custom order Sisters Trio

Custom order Sisters Trio

Baby Trio

Baby Trio

Customised Sunrises of that special day are unique and will always be on display years after that special day is over.

For Enquires email through to rainbowfarmphotography@bigpond.com



About Coralie Plozza

Living on Rainbow Farm with my two beautiful children and fur baby Billy in Busselton, Western Australia provides me with stunning sunrise and sunsets and the beauty of Australia's flora and fauna. I hope to bring just a little bit of inspiration, healing and lots of sunshine to your day.
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4 Responses to If You Keep Showing Up Something Wonderful WILL Happen

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thx for the message to just show up.

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    Keeping you up to date with my sister blog posts ..

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