If I was FREE to be ANYTHING what would it BE??


30 day challenge

It’s Day two of the 30 Day Blog Challenge with the suitcase entrepreneur and today’s blog topic is …
“1. Write a response blog post to this question:

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Top Tip: Feel free to focus on your a) ideal lifestyle and/or b) business/ career and just let it out. Assume there are no barriers at all. Don’t be shy. Explore!”

My answer to this is …

FBSQ free tobe me

I would not be anything else but MYSELF.

Being true to who I am is the most rewarding way to be.

Okay , Okay there are those fleeting thoughts of living in a mansion with the maid, butler, groundskeeper and lots of fancy food, clothes and a house full of people is not something I would knock back.


I am for the most part HAPPY with who I am …

Who am I?

200513 Me bunkersbay2

Well I am firstly a mother and all that comes with that which is huge … I love my two children Jennifer (8) and Robert (6) they are beautiful children and most of the time good kids …lol.

I love living in Busselton, Western Australia on Rainbow Farm which is about 20 mins from the town of Busselton and the beautiful beaches.

Busselton jetty

My passion is Pet and Nature Photography and want I want to be when I grow up is to be able to earn a comfortable living with my photography without having to supplement it with other work or government payments.

pet portraits collage web pic

Giving back to the community and helping the animals is also something I want to continue to develop with using my photography to help get rescued animals adopted and bring more awareness to looking after pets and animals better.



SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

So if I could be anything in this world it would be ME as a photographer and mother to my children.

090912 spring4

I see this dream being realised and although I do tend to try box myself into having to be in one place to bring the beauty from my wonderful farm at sunrise .. I can do that anywhere in the world and maybe one day I will but for now I am loving living where I am  and I know that with the help of all the wonderful people out there that support me I am going to achieve my dreams.

055 log on

Can’t wait to get out of my limiting mindset and embrace the great knowledge that Natalie Sisson and the 30 Day Blog challenge is going to share.

I look forward to the journey and hope you can join me.

What would you be if you didn’t have any restrictions?

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Why is it so? 30 Day Blog Challenge helps show the way

Hi all …

Have you missed me?

I know I have been naughty and not blogged for awhile as per usual had my little spurt of blogging when I began this blog and now it sits idle.


Firstly because I get distracted by other shiny things and get caught up with those .. then a few days go by .. then I start to think .. oh no I haven’t blogged… then … then… I put the guilts on myself and feel I have to explain …WHY? … so I crawl back under my rock or go in search of something else shiny to distract me.

Also the weather has been terrible lately it is the middle of winter and the sun has not been seen for days .. I miss my sun … I have a BIG case of the Winter blues …

here is a picture of what I went through just to get the rainbow farm kids to school this morning.

070813 wet day

I am trying to get my happy sunny mojo back and ….

When I saw a shiny new email in my inbox from Natalie Sisson the Suitcase Entrepreneur I thought great todays distraction I was happy to spend time reading and then the content spoke to me.

The suitcase entrepreneur is having a 30 Day blog challenge and it’s FREE .. we are going to learn some great tools and tricks on how to keep the blogging mojo up and to run a successful business through Blogging as well as be guided to blog everyday.

I jumped at this what great timing I crawled out from under my rock and said … YES !!

YES !!!


Well the truth be known I don’t want to be this way where I have a scattered mind and can’t keep a routine in any part of my life let alone blogging.

I also LOVE sharing and bringing the healing power of nature into your world through my unedited nature and pet photography.

Rainbow Farm Photography

I LOVE to help bring stress relief and joy to the world with beautiful sunrises and rainbows.



I am passionate about making forever memories of your pet family to keep long after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.


I am also passionate in helping you find your pet family through donating my time to the local animal rescues to give the animals a better voice with photos that show their true character and style.

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

My problem is getting into the routine of Blogging I have spurts where I go so well then fall on my face … I have so many ideas but sometimes it is hard to get them out or more to the point down on the page with having to find the images and the words and the links back and .. and .. and.

I like to think that I am a good person that I try to help others and live a true life but I totally frustrate myself sometimes with my lack of organisation ability ..lol… I like to put it down to be so creative .. you know the old saying that creative people tend to be messy and unorganised… but I seriously don’t think it to be true and I hate to think that I am showing my children to be the same way.

So onwards and upwards I start this challenge and with the help of ALL those that begin the challenge with me I will strive … no … I WILL …. succeed in this challenge and along the way learn how to be more productive and organised in my personal and work life.

FBQS thomas edison

Would you like to join me on this journey??

Click on the icon below or in the side bar to the right and it will take you through to the blogging challenge page sign up there is also a competition with a great prize to be one.

30 day challenge

Look out tomorrow for the next blog post … it’s going to be there … I promise 😉


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Tragedy hit Rainbow Farm this Week

So I don’t have to re write it all this was an important part of my life and needed to be on this blog too.

Sunlit Memories Blog

Living on a farm has its many beautiful and amazing joys but there is also a price for all that nature and beauty.

There are many dangers having beautiful bushland so close to the Rainbow farm house and unfortunately we here at Rainbow farm felt this danger too closely Thursday this last week.

Who knew that when I saw that Robin I mentioned in last Sunday’s post  “All before 7am on a Sunday”   that the change on the way would be such a big one.

During the late afternoon/ night on Wednesday our beautiful Miss Ellie must of cornered a snake under the bushes in the back yard.

PP 070912 ellie1

When I awoke on Thursday morning it was with great sadness that I found Miss Ellie already passed away sleeping in her usual spot out the front of the house. She looked peaceful and undisturbed so I don’t think she…

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If the Sun Doesn’t Shine It Can Always be found at Rainbow Farm Photography

It is Winter here on Rainbow Farm in Busselton, Western Australia so not every day is happy and sunny.

Some days are downright gloomy. It’s a fact that on those days without sun that we feel less motivated and happy , we are cold and sometimes quite sad.

The good thing is that here at Rainbow Farm Photography the sun has been shining I would say 95% of the time at Sunrise and in the archives on the FACEBOOK PAGE there are sunrises back to 2009.

So when it’s grey outside and your feeling gloomy need some warming up and inspiration to get the day going you can always find some sunshine on this blog or over at the Facebook Page or the website and even the youtube channel.

Here is a collection of last months sunrises that can be watched again and again to warm your day.


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S.A.F.E. Busselton Official Photographer Helping Save Animals From Euthanasia

It was such a joy back in May 2013 to meet with the organisers of SAFE Busselton to become the official photographer.

I gladly give my time to go and photograph all the furry animals which has been all cats and kittens so far to give them the best public showing to help them get new homes as quickly as possible.

This has been so rewarding not only for the animals but for myself meeting such wonderful people that foster care for these animals out of the goodness of their hearts and the wonderful animals who are all different and have the most gorgeous characters.

Since I have started photographing I have seen and photographed 15 cats and kittens and happy to report that 11 of those have found new homes with only four left.

SAFE is a wonderful organisation and if you live in the South West of Western Australia make sure you visit them before you think about buying a new pet.

Now check out the fifteen that have gone before I will all the new animals posts of their own from now on but for a bit of a catch up here they all are .. Click on the Successful adoption ones to see more images of them or you can click on the ones that still need adopting to take you through to their profiles on the SAFE website.

Cats/Kittens Needing Adoption

Matt Needs a Home







Cats/Kittens Successfully Adopted

PaxGammaDeltaBeta Alpha Jobcheeky TobytinkerMaizie


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A New Beginning

It is with great pleasure I bring to you the start of a new blog for Rainbow Farm Photography.

I look forward to taking you all on an amazing journey of healing and inspiring Pet and Nature photography.

This Journey starts here in Busselton, Western Australia but will reach across the globe into your homes to leave you with a beautiful feeling of inspiration and healing through the images and stories that are shared on this page.

From this day forward myself as the proud owner of Rainbow Farm Photography will shine the amazing power of the sun into your life through the beauty of photography showing the stunning nature of Rainbow Farm as well as the beautiful souls that live in and around Rainbow Farm and Busselton.

It is my passion to share my gifts with the world and to bring the healing and inspiring power of nature into your world.

Join me on this Journey make sure you subscribe to the blog and follow also on the facebook page.

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