Great Day from some “Inspirations from the SUN” by Coralie Plozza of Rainbow Farm Photography

I am really enjoying the sunrise at the moment even though I am having to set the alarm clock a bit earlier.

What an amazing morning sunrise it was …

190813 sunrise

A great way to start the working week with some sunshine and a walk out in the fresh air.

190813 sunrise

Today is also an exciting day for me it’s not only a great day for a spectacular sunrise ..

It is the day to LAUNCH

The Inspirations from the SUN Ebook/PDF


Launched TODAY in PDF Format

Launched TODAY in PDF Format


I am really proud of this event.

It has taken me since 2010 when I first published this book in print version until now to knuckle down and work out the technical side of things to get this ebook out there.

First Published in 2010

First Published in 2010

I am so grateful to the two wonderful people that helped collaborate on this book in the first place.

Heather O’Sullivan and her Son Samuel.

They added some beautiful and inspiring words to some of the images along with my own inspirational words.

Poem from the Book By Samuel

Poem from the Book
By Samuel

I am so happy to be able to offer this new format so that every day without any effort you can have Inspiration from the SUN at your finger tips a click of a button or a swish of the finger on a screen.

Screen Shot of Ebook Page

Screen Shot of Ebook Page

I am also eager to share more of the printed version books around the world they make the most unique gift idea … I gave this book to my childrens teachers last year and they absolutely loved them. It is also a great gift to give those hard to buy for people like mother in laws and your craft group teacher. I think even a few men out there would love this book to inspire their day.

Limited Time $3.95 AUD Plus Postage

Limited Time $3.95 AUD
Plus Postage

The book is filled with the warming and healing sun photography and that on it’s own will brighten your day but to have the inspiring and beautiful words to go with it just adds something extra special.

Now don’t take my word for it .

Grab a copy today ….

Until Wednesday 21st of August 2013 at 8am Western Australian time you can get the book for just

99 cents AUD in Ebook Format as a PDF

BUY now button

And to celebrate the launch the Printed Versions are at an amazing price until the 30th of August 2013

$3.95 AUD plus postage (click on the image below for more details)

BUY now button printed version

The sun is shining and I can’t help be uplifted by it after so many days of rain and gloomy skies.

I LOVE sharing that feeling with all the world through my sun photography and the great thing about sunshine after rain is …

Firstly you get rainbows …

Rainbow 18th of August 2013

Rainbow 18th of August 2013

Then you get nature thanking the sun by sending some flowers out to show a beautiful blanket of wonderful that brings the sunshine down to earth in the form of yellow goodness.

Billy Enjoying Natures Flowers

Billy Enjoying Natures Flowers

This time of year is my favourite when I get to take beautiful sunlit memories of families and their beloved pets amongst the gorgeous yellow flowers and in the green grasses of Rainbow Farm.

Jennifer and Billy 18th of August 2013 Pet Portraits

Jennifer and Billy
18th of August 2013
Pet Portraits

I welcome you all to come from far and wide to visit Rainbow Farm and get portrait photos taken and then go for a walk amongst the wonderful bushland that is Rainbow farm the wildflowers are starting to come out and the birds are singing … bliss.

Flowers are Coming out NOW

Flowers are Coming out NOW

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Is Just Showing Up Enough ?

Now Yesterday I blogged about Showing up and Something Wonderful will Happen.

I feel the need to continue on with this subject and explore it a little further.

Today I once again showed up for the sunrise ..

I got out of bed into the freezing cold and …

“There was a spectacular sunrise”

Now I showed up ..

I told you about it …

Are you feeling it?

Did I give you that warm healing and inspiring feeling ?

I don’t think so.

So Showing up is not always going to bring something wonderful.

Yes I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise but to SHARE it with you it just doesn’t cut it to “say” it was amazing your not going to believe me.

Also if I showed up yesterday but not today I would not have got the wonderful but different sunrise that was today and I would not of got this insight into showing up that I had yesterday.

We learn each day that when we show up we learn something new but learning is only half of it.

We need to embrace that knowledge and use it and share it.

so here it is …

today’s sunrise …

180813 sunrise

It is different to yesterday but still healing and inspiring.

another aspect of Showing up is to CHANGE IT UP don’t show up and do the same thing every day ..

if it didn’t work yesterday try something knew today.

Try a different angle or view on the problem or task at hand.

180813 sunrise

Be on the look out everyday for new ways to do what you love to do.

Practise your passion ..

Jennifer & Billy 18th of August 2013 Pet Portraits

Jennifer & Billy
18th of August 2013
Pet Portraits

what you love to do ..

Flowers are Coming out NOW

Flowers are Coming out NOW

so your not making any money ??

Still show up and practice what you do .. Share it … even volunteer it … the joy of showing you care and have passion will spread and it will lead to that wonderful exchange of energy that includes the money that feeds the family.

Chelsea Needs a Home SAFE Busselton

Chelsea Needs a Home
SAFE Busselton

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

I am constantly changing and evolving I am a sponge learning and growing every day trying new things and offering new ideas to the world which are not all that new but to me its a whole new world.

Working on Ebooks for financial freedom

Working on Ebooks
for financial freedom

Inspirations from the SUN

Inspirations from the SUN

I love showing up for the sunrise each morning it gives me so much just by being there but it’s when I share it with the world that I really get my greatest gift of love and understanding enjoying the way it touches all of you and your lives that is the greatest gift.

 180813 sunrise

So is showing up enough??

What do you think?

Would love to get your words of wisdom on this and learn from them and share them with others.

30 day challenge

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If You Keep Showing Up Something Wonderful WILL Happen

I woke this morning all warm and toasty in my bed listening to the rain on the tin roof.

I looked at the time and as usual my internal alarm had woken me half an hour early.

I took a peak out the window from the comfort of my warm bed and the skies looked grey and gloomy.

gloomy saturday morning

My first thoughts were to snuggle back down into that warm and toasty bed and have a sleep in.

It is the weekend after all …. why shouldn’t I ??

Why ??

Because if you don’t keep showing up.

You may .. just may …

Miss something wonderful.

So up I got the the joy of my Billy boy who LOVES to go for his morning walk at sunrise.

210713 billy

He doesn’t care if it’s grey and raining or warm and sunny.

He just Loves to run around and be out there in the fresh air of nature with his mum.

I got myself ready to go for a walk (I no longer go out in my dressing gown and pjs)

I really didn’t like my chances of a sunrise but knowing that if I didn’t go …

One … my beautiful dog would be dissapointed

Two … I wouldn’t get my own morning exercise and fresh air

and …

Three .. I may just miss something WONDERFUL


Who knows it could be a spectacular sunrise or a bird or flower I haven’t seen before .

Something wonderful WILL happen if I keep showing up.

and …

it DID

SRS25662 170813 sunrise

There was a spectacular sunrise .. who would of thought amongst all that rain and grey clouds the sun could still shine through and give such an amazing display.

It is warming to the heart and soul.

SRS25664 170813 sunrise

It has been a very wet month and winter has been dragging on the mind it is great to have these pockets of beautiful sunshine to energise and reboot the senses.

To feel the healing glow of the sun pushing through a dark and gloomy morning it gives hope to the day that we too can get through anything that comes our way.

SRS25666 170813 sunrise

It was also a great thing that I went for that morning sunrise expedition because I came back to a notification that it was someones birthday today and I love to give a little special Facebook Birthday Sunrise I was so glad that I had such a great one to give.

BD 170813 Kym

And I am sure somewhere in the world a baby is being born or there is wedding day (fingers crossed they got a spot of sunshine through this rain if it was here) or maybe even an engagement … and they can celebrate this special occasion with a beautiful sunrise that showed up just for them.

To see the rest of the gorgeous sunrises from today go to the August 2013 Sunrise Album on my Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook page and make sure you like my page to see a sunrise everyday (weather permitting).

All the sunrises are available for purchase in many different formats here are just a few …

Wedding Trio

Wedding Trio


Custom order Sisters Trio

Custom order Sisters Trio

Baby Trio

Baby Trio

Customised Sunrises of that special day are unique and will always be on display years after that special day is over.

For Enquires email through to


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Soulful Beau Needs a Home – SAFE Busselton Helping to Save Animals From Euthanasia

On Wednesday I went to visit and photograph the latest resident that is being fostered by SAFE Busselton.

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia


Aprox 18 months Old

Staffy X

Beau Needs A Home

Beau had been residing at the local dog kennels until a foster carer came available and now he is LOVING being in foster care with a big backyard to play in.

Now Beau could almost be mistaken at a quick glance for my Billy Boy they have the beautiful Brindle markings and those eyes that look right into your soul.

Beau Waiting for His New Home

Beau Waiting for His New Home

Billy Already Happy in His New Home

Billy Already Happy in His New Home

So when I went to meet Beau I was expecting Billy I think … a scared and timid boy who just wants to be loved.

I was mistaken because Beau was totally different I think the soulful eyes and Brindle colouring is the only ways these two are the same and maybe a loyalty for family that will never end.

140813 Beau 005 web sized

Beau bounded up to me the moment I walked into the yard and gave me a big wet kiss and then he sat and read all the little love note smells that Billy had left on my clothing

He is such a sweetie his fur is different to Billy’s not so smooth I guess I would say you can ruffle it up easier than Billy.

140813 Beau 003 web sized

Beau gives his total attention to you when you are giving it back to him but as soon as you tire of the game of throwing a toy he will quiet happily run around by himself or sit down and have a chew.

140813 Beau 015 web sized

The neighbours to his foster home have a BIG german shepherd that could be heard barking the entire time I was there but Beau did not react once with a bark back .

Beau was aware of his environment though as he got very interested when someone walked past along the road side but once again no barking which is good.

With a little extra training I think Beau will be a very well-trained dog he has the makings of it already and would sit and be so intent on what I was doing but the stay command was a little lacking … I would say sit and stay then do the two-step walk back so I could actually take a photo and he was so eager to be with me he kept getting up.

There were no children with us when I took photos but I can see that he would LOVE to be in a family with kids and would be their best friend.

Beau is just a wonderful boy and will make anybody the most loyal friend.

Watch his video for more photos and some actual live video of Beau


Can you give the amazing Beau a Home???

If Not can you share this post to everyone you know and they may love to give him a home or know someone who can.

Beau is being fostered in Busselton, Western Australia.

For Adoption Enquires Click on the Image Below..

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

SAFE Busselton Saving Animals From Euthanasia

Please think about adopting, fostering or donating to this wonderful cause.

I will always adopt now once you do it you never go back.

If you love these photos and the video and can see your own furry friends would look good in a video or print Rainbow Farm Photography is available with in the south west region of Western Australia to do photographic pet portrait sessions click on the collage below for more details.

pet portraits collage web pic

I am also still following along with the 30 Day Blog Challenge and doing a blog a day it may now be to the topics they are setting but it is my aim to get the word out there everyday so keep following me and remember to check out

the Rainbow Farm Photography Facebook Page for a glimpse of the sunrise each day

30 day challenge

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Celebrating the Upcoming Launch of “Inspirations from the SUN” in Ebook Format

If you are new to this blog you may not know this but a few years ago I dabbled in publishing a book.

This book was/is my pride of joy …

Inspirations from the SUN

is a collaboration with a wonderful friend of mind Heather O and her talented son Samuel who at the time was just 13 and is now 16.

Inspirations from the SUN

The book brings to you beautiful sun photography along with the words of inspiration from myself , Heather and Samuel.

It has 30 pages and is a great gift idea for those that have everything and those that need a bit of inspiration in their daily life.

Poem from the Book By Samuel

Poem from the Book
By Samuel

Makes a great stocking filler for Christmas for all those hard to buy for relatives.

This book is still available in print form and to celebrate it becoming available in PDF format Rainbow Farm Photography will be having a SPECIAL on the printed books.

Until the 30th of August 2013 the books will be available to purchase for just

$3.95 AUD

with postage at $2 AUD for australian residents


 $5 AUD for overseas customers.

The books rrp is $9.95 AUD so this is going out at cost price.

click on the image below to go through to the sale page.

BUY now button printed version

The Ebook/PDF version of Inspirations from the SUN will be launched on

Monday 19th of August 2013

and for the

first 48 hours

will be sold at 99c AUD

then after that will be sold at $2.95 AUD.

If you would like to pre order your PDF/Ebook click on the image to go through to the sales page.

BUY now button ebook

This will be the first of many Ebooks to come and I thank everyone for their support in my sharing the healing and inspiring power of nature with the world.

30 day challenge

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No More Procrastinating … the time has come

Arrghhhh …..

Sorry for that outburst but I am frustrated and annoyed at myself and the ugly procrastination bug has hit.

Or is it really the FEAR bug ??

Conquering what I Fear

Conquering what I Fear

Rainbow Farm Photography I have made the choice … MY choice .. to run as a business as MY business as MY income.

This is going to feed MY children and allow MYself to live the passion and share it with the world while giving MY family the quality of life they deserve.

I want it to be BIG well big enough to be able to live comfortably and be able to do the charity work I want to do helping those less fortunate than myself.

I started the 30 Day blog challenge with Natalie Sisson and as you may have already noticed I crashed and burned.

30 day challenge

I got to a really great post for day Four and it got all too hard adding photos and links and I ran out of internet so I started procrastinating and finding other things like that wicked evil TV to distract me.

I also let the subject matter and the pressure of getting a post a day done scare me … that FEAR reared it’s ugly head … my self doubts won the debate in my head and I gave up.

While using Facebook as a distraction I was scrolling through and saw a posting from Leonie Dawson it was on an old blog post she did that reminded me about where my priorities should be and how there are so many in the world that are worse off and still dealing with it day to day .. Leonie herself is dealing with sickness at the moment but still takes time out to share some wonderful and inspiring knowledge with us ….

So …

I am going to get back to the beginning go back through my business self help materials that the lovely Leonie Dawson has provided me and you can have them too if you wish …

I am also now going to try again to get back on track with blogging … I will still do 30 Blog posts it may not be in 30 Days and it may not be on the subjects posted by the 30 Day Blog challenge but they will happen.

Also I am swallowing my fear and stomping on those self doubts and pushing forward.

I will become a confident ….

NO… NO….

I AM a confident, successful and soulful pet and nature photography specialist that gives beauty and wonderful healing and inspiring memories to the world at a reasonable price that feeds your soul and mine.

FBQS thomas edison

I am commencing this journey by knuckling down and getting some wonderful ebooks on the way some will be for free and some will be for a small amount of money that will help to nourish both myself and the person that enjoys the gift of healing and inspiring nature photography.

I will be following this blog post with more details and a little special introduction to my world of ebooks.

Make sure you are a subscriber to this Blog and follow the Rainbow Farm Photography facebook page to keep up to date with all the new and glorious opportunity that will be given for you to enjoy the healing and inspiring power of nature in your own world.

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What does is mean to be Free?

Day Three of the 30 Day Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson.

The question for today’s blogging challenge was …

What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

One of the main reasons I started my Pet and Nature Photography business was to have freedom.

To be your own boss and run your business and your life the way you want to.

I love being able to start my day early in the morning when most are still sound asleep taking images of the sunrise …

Today's Sunrise 9th of August 2013

Today’s Sunrise
9th of August 2013

and getting some exercise with my beautiful furry companion Billy…

Billy with me at Sunrise

Billy with me at Sunrise

I Love that this can be done while my beautiful children sleep soundly then I come home to them waking up and spend the next few hours dedicated to them and getting them off to school.

Rainbow Farm House photo taken 24th April 2013

Rainbow Farm House
photo taken 24th April 2013

Being able to work my schedule around them so they don’t have to go into day care or after school care is living the dream and if one is sick I work around it without having to feel guilty for ringing in sick my clients understand I am a mother first and an awesome photographer second.

I am hoping to work more on this feeling of freedom by becoming financially free as well. Not to have to worry about money would be amazing and I am working to set up income streams that do not involve my constant supervision to bring money in.

Working on Ebooks for financial freedom

Working on Ebooks
for financial freedom

Being a Nature and Pet Photographer also is a bit seasonal in the ‘on location’ photography sessions side of things and this year with such a wet winter I have found it a bit disheartening but with my passion and lust for freedom I am ever growing and going with the flow of nature evolving and changing along with it.

The money may not be there yet but I am confident and willing to work my way to that financial and life changing freedom I seek.

So to me Flexibility is my idea of Freedom and even adventure to be able to plan my day/week/month/year without restrictions of working for an employer and fitting into their schedule.

What do you see as your answer to the question?  Think about it you will be surprised at the answer that comes out or at how hard it is to put into words.

Remember to join up to the Challenge if you haven’t already it is a great way to search your soul.

30 day challenge

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